Dave Mendoza said in his article on me, that my wife and I looked young for our age. It must be true. Today at lunch I got carded when purchasing a Heineken. I have a witness – none other than Shally Steckerl (great guy) of JobMachine.net fame. He was carded also, but I can attest that I have a few years on him.

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Born in Arkansas, moved to FL for 3 years as a youngster. Lived in GA most of my life. Married in 1985, 2 kids, one of each. Graduate of USNA Class of 1980. Love golf, computers, poker, photography, and gadgets.

  1. Hey, that waitress thought I was under age so I’m going back there again soon! I’m very susceptible to flattery, you know. We should have doubled our tip 🙂

    And though you may have only a few years on me, you are certainly wise beyond your years. Thanks for lunch I had a fantastic time!

    P.S. If your readers want to know more about me here’s a good location http://www.jobmachine.net/shally

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