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Almost two decades ago our company was founded as a vehicle to help serious professionals find jobs.  Now we are much more than that.  We help small businesses, friends and neighbors improve their results, surroundings, and lives.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Custom Woodworking & Plans

Starter Plants, Seeds, & Equipment

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We use our experience to help your business grow

Since long before CEC Search LLC existed, our founder was leveraging technology to help produce better business results.  He founded a point-of-sale company that supplied turnkey solutions for the pizza delivery industry.  Some people credit his POS system with saving Little Caesars from going out of business. 

After transitioning into a much different role, he once again leveraged technology and the growing importance of online digital communications to help propel CEC Search to a preeminent provider to executive search for the restaurant industry.  His client list was literally filled with Fortune 100 companies.  But he grew tired of the sales grind.

The excitement of building online assets and growing web traffic that, in turn, grew company revenues was so appealing that he pivoted to become a technology consultant to executive firms.  Literally building many firms technology infrastructure, he helped many a recruiter capture much larger market share than those without his help.

The downturn in the economy led to Mr. Chapman looking for other opportunities to use his knowledge of digital marketing and website expertise.  Since that time, he's built hundreds of websites and guided hundreds of customers to higher revenues through online traffic.  From established companies, to startups, and every type in between, he's helped companies grow.

If you have a need for expertise in helping your business grow, get in touch. Best way is check out carlchapmansr.com and book a free consultation.

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