It’s NaBloPoMo — Have you blogged today?

Alright, November is “NaBloPoMo” or more
[un]commonly known as National Blog Posting Month. And the idea is for bloggers to make a post on their blogs everyday. That is especially difficult for me not being a talented writer, but I’m going to try very hard. I’ll be traveling over the next several days, so posting will not be an easy task. Heck if I can do it, so can you.

BTW, check out Shally Steckerl’s article on Dave “El Dave” Mendoza, the king of networking. It is a good read, and Dave is a good guy. Think of Dave if you need professional training in talent acquisition and social networking.

About the author, Chief Executive Restaurant Recruiter

Born in Arkansas, moved to FL for 3 years as a youngster. Lived in GA most of my life. Married in 1985, 2 kids, one of each. Graduate of USNA Class of 1980. Love golf, computers, poker, photography, and gadgets.

  1. Carl
    You know we may disagree from time to time, but I wanted to say to you, this is really awesome – Really respect what you are doing here.

    And from all the Women I know who appreciate this Gesture

    Thank You
    Karen M

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