Up in Lights

This page is going to be dedicated to all the the wonderful people who help me get this blog off the ground and flying high.  Just thought of it a few minutes ago (after begging the first recipient of mention here to help me with some viral marketing.) If you like to see your name “Up in Lights” then just give me a shout. 


Dave Dave “El Dave” Mendoza is the first offical recipient of “Up in Lights” status on our blog.  El Dave is famous for his bloggin at SixDegreesFromDave.  He is also partners with Shally Steckerl of Jobmachine.net and is available for onsite training.   So check out his post Sourcing Guru Training describing the program.

Here is a list of some of the speaking/training engagements that he has done and some that are to come:

July 31, 2006 – T-Mobile Staffing, Presentation, “Social Relationship Networking for Talent”

August 18, 2006 – Jim Stroud 2.0 site, PODCAST – Dave Mendoza asks, “Who’s afraid of the blogging wolf?”

November 1, 2006 – Bayard Advertising Branding/Interactive Seminar : “Employer Branding – “Social Networking Platforms & Blogging For Talent As A Function of Central Staffing Strategy” at Invesco Field at Mile High (Denver)

November 2, 2006 – Dell Computers, “Talent Acquisition Academy” Onsite Training Seminar at 2 locations with an audience of upwards of 70 recruiters on behalf of JobMachine, Inc.

December 6, 2006 – Dell Computers – Presentation, “Talent Relationship Development & Sourcing Technologies”

As time goes on we will make you aware of more things that “El Dave” is doing, including some of the projects that he will be helping us with.