Exploring the Candidate Bill of Rights (Part 8)

It’s time for this week’s commentary on the Candidate Bill of Rights series of ItzBIG Blog. This week’s installment, the eighth amendment in the Candidate Bill of Rights – “Respect” 

Scheduling of interviews will occur in a manner that connotes respect for the candidate, their time and their efforts.”

I agree wholeheartedly with what the folks at ItzBIG have to say.  It is a shame that more companies don’t don’t factor into their hiring process the realities that great candidates have jobs and commitments to their current employer that can’t not be forgotten in the process.  If a candidate is treated disrespectfully during the interview process, it is likely that he or she will not be impressed by that treatment.  When it comes time for them to consider an offer, competing offers often times, they will remember the companies that treated them well.  They will also remember the companies that didn’t show respect for them.  Remember you are trying to “sell” this person on leaving their current job and come to work for your company.  Or in the case of recruiters, for your client.   You need to make sure that the entire process is fair and reveals for the candidate the character and culture of the company.  If you don’t treat them with respect during the interviewing process, them why would a candidate attribute respectful treatment as part of the culture once they were hired.

While HR people, recruiters, and hiring companies are often pushed by scheduling conflicts, production deadlines, new projects, emergencies and the like… they must also realize that currently employed individuals that they are recruiting may have those same pressures… only from someone who is currently writing their paycheck.  Next time you think a candidate isn’t interested in your position because they can’t drop everything to make the telephone interview that you sprang on them with 5 minutes notice, stop and think about what you are asking them.  Be realistic and put yourself in their shoes.

About the author, Chief Executive Restaurant Recruiter

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