Article Title: Why Should I Temp?
Author Byline: Registering with an agency can be an excellent resource for people looking for work, no matter what their desired situation.
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Staffing agencies have been aligning employers with talented job seekers for years. These agencies are always there to help ease the stress of job hunting whether you are a current student, a recent graduate, or between jobs. In addition, temp work offers many advantages over permanent/direct-hire work. The flexibility, variety, and independence of temporary work makes it a great choice for the job-seeker and seasoned professional.

The flexibility of temp work is an obvious benefit to those candidates or employees seeking an environment with little accountability, stress, and commitment. Short term and varied assignments help workers to meet their financial needs without worrying about long term job concerns or plans. Temp assignments can last anywhere from one day to several months allowing job seekers to find the right amount of work that best suits their work/life needs.

Temp work is not limited to short assignments, however, and can lead to deeper and more involved positions within the hiring organization. This variety of assignments means employees can “take a peek” inside a company to see if they would like to pursue a permanent position there in the future. The job seeker has little to worry about regarding benefits, as most agencies provide quality, comparable health coverage to their temporary employees.

Developing an excellent employee profile, with multiple agencies, can almost guarantee a steady paycheck if that is what the job seeker looks for. Temporary employees often think of themselves as “independent contractors” in control of their own destiny. Staffing Managers and Recruiters are rewarded by helping you find a job. So knowing that you have someone looking out for new opportunities for you, on a full-time basis, can help ease the stress of job hunting.

Staffing agencies provide temporary work, temporary-to-hire work (where the employee works for a pre-determined amount of time, with the possibility of being hired permanently by the client company), or direct hire opportunities (where the employee is immediately hired permanently by the client company). Registering with an agency can be an excellent resource for people looking for work, no matter what their desired situation.

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