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Video Job Interviews | Online Video Interview Service | Interview on DemandIt has been a long time since I’ve written regularly on my recruiting blog (because I’ve been here.)  There may be some folks who have missed me and there may be some folks who never realized that I was gone.  I know that when I started the Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter blog, my readership was hovering around 4 for a long time 😉 but some really nice folks helped talk me up and my readership blossomed.  I’ll give you a list of a lot of those helpful folks later on in my post.

The reason for my very sporadic posts here is that I’ve been working on a new startup venture that has literally eaten my time, almost every spare moment since back in February.  In August things got really serious with a round of seed money and the addition of a full time executive team.  Since August, we have been working tirelessly (well that really isn’t true, all of us have been tired as hell at one point or another) to bring our vision to reality.

Our Vision – "Hiring without barriers."

Today is a milestone for us.  After months of work, thousands of hours of development, hundreds of thousands of lines of code, numerous focus groups, and weeks of public beta testing, we are now at soft launch.  Our new venture is called Interview on Demand, and we provide hiring companies with the ability to invite candidates to take video interviews — online in a secure web-hosted environment.  The hiring team then has the ability to review the completed interview, via internet browsers, any where, any time.  Human resource professionals who are responsible for most of the leg work in filling positions can evaluate the respondents and forward the top candidates to hiring managers by email.  This feature give the hiring manager the opportunity to view the best candidates without having to learn anything new, no new application software to learn, no new procedures, no new passwords or usernames — just open and email and review the candidate.

Our Mission – "To dramatically improve industry hiring practices by providing an on-line video interviewing service so powerful and effective that our clients cannot imagine hiring without it."

As of today, hiring managers can go to our website and sign up for a free trial and purchase additional interview ‘credits’ as they begin to ‘invite’ candidates to take interviews.  Online, secure credit card processing using industry standard encryption makes the process painless.  We have an extensive library of videos in the learning center to walk both hiring manager and candidate through their perspective procedures within the system.  But the software is so simple that most people, even technophobes, can navigate successfully and complete their individual tasks without the need for any kind of help.  Speaking of help, there is a complete help system and tool tips explain the function of almost every button and window on the screen.  On the Career Video Expert Bullhorn blog, we discuss the use of video interviewing for many different angles – from how to implement within the your company’s hiring process, to comparing and contrasting it with video resumes, and even tips on how jobseekers/candidates can prepare and do their best in front of the camera.

There are tons of things planned in terms of future features but I can’t get into specifics here because of international trademark rules. Let’s just say that our soft launch, with the very well developed application suited for hiring managers serves but one part of the community of individuals involved in the hiring process that we see as having two other very important sectors – third party recruiters and jobseekers.

We also have launched a newsletter in conjunction with Interview on Demand – Hire Tech News.  The newsletter focuses on the use of technology for the hiring process.  It is distributed electronically on monthly basis to our list of over 15,000 recruiters and over 20,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals.  Hire Tech News is also supported by an online blog with archived newsletters and full articles from the electronic distribution.  If you’d like to sign up to receive the newsletter, just visit the sign up page, and choose from a list of specific interests.  Also, if you would like to write an article for inclusion in the newsletter, just contact peggy (at) and she can give you all the details of how you can make a submission.

As promised, here is a list of a bunch of people who have been very helpful to me and the Restaurant Recruiter’s blog.  It is by no means a complete list (I’ll be happy to add your name if I’ve left you out) but it is a pretty wide cross-section of bloggers form all different walks of life.  Each has been helpful in untold ways.  I hope that you will check out their blogs and make them part of your regular reading, if not part of your blog roll.  They are presented in no particular order – so Animal, don’t feel slighted.

Then there are the almost innumerable people that helped me with my blog boycott for breast cancer:

And finally "here’s a picture of Jessica Alba" 😉

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