You just have to love those cute little faces

Click for a larger image of Doobie and Roscoe
Roscoe meets Doobie

It’s been a couple of long days for us here at the Chapman household. In the space of two weeks we’ve gone from no dogs to two. Doobie you should already know.

Click for a larger image of Roscoe



Our second dog is a show quality Rottweiler who is now 9 weeks old. The two boys are getting along very nicely, but they are eating into my blogging time seriously.
Click for a larger image of Roscoe

Wonder if I should take some FMLA time to get the new baby situated. 😉 I thought that y’all might enjoy some pictures of the new guy. Clicking will bring up a really big image of each. See you after the weekend, everyone enjoy the great weather.

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  1. This is how we got started, too. Had to have one, because she was so cute in her cage at adoption day. Then we had to have two, because Violet might get lonely. Then…

    Now we have ten.

    It’s fun, but ten dogs is still TEN dogs.


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