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Today’s lesson isn’t a long one.  I was watching Doobie play with Zaiden, who is the son of a great friend of mine.  They were playing while I was taking some pictures to send to the Benkiser’s so they could see how Doobie is doing.  The first picture is one of Doobie and Zaiden just chillin’.  You can see how nicely they are getting along (in spite of some people’s misinformed opinion that Rottweilers are child eaters.)

The second is picture is of Zaiden bringing a ball for Doobie to play with… which is our lesson: "Get along well with others and people will bring you what you want/need."

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  1. Doobie is a beautiful dog – makes me want to get one.

    Rottweilers are child eaters. Its obvious that you just fed the doobster, that’s why there is no attempt to swallow Z in one gulp. That, or Doobie doesn’t want to do it while you have a camara (evidence – dogs are smart, aren’t they?)


    Jason Alba
    CEO –

  2. LOL…. Jason, he is very smart. I’m make sure that I don’t feed him for a few days before your visit.

    Seriously, most people don’t understand the prey-hunter response of dogs like Rottweilers. If a small child or even a smallish adult runs away from a Rottie, it can look like an animal that is fleeing and thereby trigger the prey response in the dog.

    Children should be taught to drop and cover if a large dog is running toward them…. they sure won’t be able to out run it.

    An alternative is [only successfully used with very smart dogs] to provide them with the Linked In profile of Jason Alba so that the dog will move on to a better dinner. 😉

  3. A week this saturday I am getting a newfoundland. We had a dog for 11 years and I can tell you, life with a dog is better than life without one

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