Moving your office an be hazardous to your health!

Just say "NO" to Windows Vista - for now anyway...…and your business.

Who would have thought that the simple task of moving one’s office could cause almost 4 days of down time. Sorry for not being around to make comments or posts on my regular blogs (JibberJobber,, Recruiting-USA, Recruiting Animal, ItzBigBlog, etc.) but I really had no idea that just changing from the upstairs office to my new digs downstairs was going to be such a hassle.

Actually, the hassle was caused by a couple of things whose orbits into the dark nether world of "I gotcha" coincided with my timing for the office move. Jules an I have a new puppy that is coming on March 4th (or the 3rd maybe) and in getting ready for Roscoe’s arrival, we decided that my office would be better located on the first floor in a room that has plenty of space for my stuff, the puppy, and Jules’ desk. Since Jules’ computer has been really slow lately and mine has been acting like it was going to give up the ghost any minute, I decided that moving the office should include a new (and of course more powerful) computer for me. And since I was getting a new computer, I might as well get the new Windows Vista operating system and check it out.

In the interest of saving time (let alone my fingers from way too much typing) I will save you the 15 minute stand up routine that I shared with NewsPaperGirl (Janet Meiners) and just say these few things in a bulleted list:

  1. Windows Vista isn’t ready for prime time
  2. Easy Windows Transfer isn’t easy
  3. Don’t move your office and buy a new computer all at the same time
  4. $900 in savings seems like a lot, but if it makes you miss a day of productive work, it really isn’t

Now I’m back. The office is set up (well almost completely) and the computer is working (well most of the programs work… still having to run the old one to access QuickBooks, but that is a story for another time.)  Luckily, while I wasn’t able to do my SEO work, or any recruiting to speak of, my team was out there knocking down plenty of placements for restaurant managers. It’s nice to be re-settled and I’ll see y’all more often than I did this past week.

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