JibberJobber screen captureIt isn’t very often that I get a chance to recommend a product to my audience of job seekers. Today, I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about a website that houses a set of career tools that I think any job seeker will find helpful. The website is JibberJobber and it is the brainchild of my friend Jason Alba. [No he isn’t related to Jessica Alba as I explained before]

He is a blogger as well, and spends a great deal of his time helping jobseekers understand that looking for a job is something that they will do many times in their lives. And because of that fact, the tools that he has built (and continues to improve) are designed for a lifetime. They are made to help enhance the user’s ability to leverage his or her network and job searching activity during the times when he or she transitions from one job to another.

Take a look at the tool set, register, and give it a try – for FREE! You can also get a super-enhanced set of career tools for a very small monthly fee, purchase a year or two at a time and save 15%, or purchase a lifetime membership and get a BIG discount [pay for 4 years and get the rest of your life for free.] Since you will be involved in a job change at least 9 times in your career, JibberJobber is something that you can and should use for your entire work life.

Check out a few of the really neat video’s that Jason has done to help make using JibberJobber even easier.

About the author, Chief Executive Restaurant Recruiter

Born in Arkansas, moved to FL for 3 years as a youngster. Lived in GA most of my life. Married in 1985, 2 kids, one of each. Graduate of USNA Class of 1980. Love golf, computers, poker, photography, and gadgets.

  1. Hey Carl, thanks for the write-up on JibberJobber! With your deep expertise in the recruiting field, and years of experience helping people find jobs and manage their careers, I consider it a real honor getting such a glowing endorsement!

  2. I 2nd the motion on Jibber Jobber. It is a premo tool for job seekers and business owners to stay in touch with contacts and track dealing making progess. As a successful business owner, I started using it to stay connected with business associates in my “trusted network” that are 5 star connections.

    Jason Alba and his team have done an awesome job with providing a more efficient way, to minimize down time, in landing an opportunity.

    Another powerful job search tool to consider is the Career Management Swiss Army Knife, which is a member developed toolbar the ETP Network provides for free.

    Thank you for sharing Carl!!

    Carl E. Reid, CSI

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