I think I was wrong

by The Family // September 11 // 1 Comments

For the longest time, I’ve been saying that my friend (and now world famous author), Jason Alba is not related to super attractive movie star, Jessica Alba.  But after seeing commercials for her new movie (Good Luck Chuck) I’m now convinced that I may have been wrong all this time.

Look at the evidence, Jessica plays an incredibly convincing klutz who is loveable, but certainly not the most suave and sophisticated creature that you have ever met.  And Jason, well he certainly is loveable, and he is about as helpful a person as you will ever find… but no one will ever confuse him with Rico Suave.  Now you have Jessica in the included portrait, which differs mightily from all of the other eye-candy shots that have graced this blog for low these many months… and you have Jason’s article about his mug shot in which he admits that his photo is sort of goofy… (I think I notice a strong family resemblance) where both of them are sporting somewhat silly grins.

So when you add up the evidence, the cute smile, the unassuming air of "boy/girl next-doorness", the goofy, klutzy lack of coordination (OK I made that up about Jason, but I bet it fits) I think that it means that Jason and Jessica just may be related… and that I was wrong all this time.

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