I’m in the hot seat on Wednesday – Recruiting Animal Radio Show

Now that is one ugly mug, don’t you think? I can only imagine the face behind the name Recruiting Animal, if he prefers using a weird little puppet as his countenance.

The mental image that I conger up when I think of the Animal is of Morton Downey Jr. Morton was a wildly popular shock host of a TV show that made the fights on Jerry Springer look like the powder puff derby. Morton had a style of speaking that was a cross between yelling and screaming. Until I started listening to the Recruiting Animal Radio Show, I had never heard anyone else capable of such ear piercing annoyance.

The reason that I write about the Animal’s radio show today is that I’m supposed to be the ‘guest’ this Wednesday, July 25th. You can check out the schedule here. If Animal doesn’t change the schedule or change his number, I’ll be in the hot seat for as long as I can take it. It should be fun, fun for all of you people who love pulling wings off insects, or burning ants with concentrated sunbeams through a magnifying glass. You see the Animal has a habit of roasting the daylights out of his guests, so I’m not quite sure that I’ll be having any fun.

I plan to answer his questions to the best of my ability. It is possible that some more of my recruiting secrets will be uncovered. Stop in and give a listen; and if you hear Animal tearing me apart, please call in and give me some support.

What: The Recruiting Animal Radio Show

Guest: Carl Chapman of "Confessions of and Executive Restaurant Recruiter"  and CEC Search, LLC

When: Wednesday, July 25th at 12 PM EDT

About the author, Chief Executive Restaurant Recruiter

Born in Arkansas, moved to FL for 3 years as a youngster. Lived in GA most of my life. Married in 1985, 2 kids, one of each. Graduate of USNA Class of 1980. Love golf, computers, poker, photography, and gadgets.

  1. I’m taller than Morton Downey Jr. And not tough enough yet. That’s why you’re coming on. I want to learn some tricks from a tough rotweiller like you. In fact, I was thinking that I could probably just wing it with you but now I’m going to watch a few rounds of the WWF to get up to speed.

  2. Wow. Carl and the Dummy. That should be interesting. I’m compelled to listen.

    It’s sort of like a gruesome traffic accident – how can you look away?


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