Seems like not much is going on, kinda of in a funk

by The Family // February 13 // 6 Comments

Black Sheep in a Blue Funk by Millie GreskoYou know, sometimes you just don’t know how to put your finger on the issue. I have that problem right now.

I’ve been working my tail off. Launched a new site recently [check out Recruiting-USA that is a portal and a web services site for recruiters], working on a big development project with some off shore programmers [can’t tell you much about it, but I will say that Dave Mendoza mention it in his story on me back in November.]

I have interviews with some pretty cool people set up. Hired another new recruiter. I have several clients that are going over quotes.  And with all of that, it just seems that nothing exciting is happening.  I’ve been reading all my favorite blogs [JibberJobber,, The Recruiting Animal, my boy Stevie Levy, B’ling B’ling and more] but somehow I’m not finding anything thought provoking enough to even make even decent comments.  Heck, I’m even picking up my puppy the first weekend of March. Jules birthday is 3 days away. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And my 22nd anniversary is almost only 2 weeks away. So what is the deal?!?!!?

Hey what do you guys do when you have a blue funk going on? How do you get out of it? What is it that gets your blood pumping when nothing else seems to be exciting?

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