Seems like not much is going on, kinda of in a funk

Black Sheep in a Blue Funk by Millie GreskoYou know, sometimes you just don’t know how to put your finger on the issue. I have that problem right now.

I’ve been working my tail off. Launched a new site recently [check out Recruiting-USA that is a portal and a web services site for recruiters], working on a big development project with some off shore programmers [can’t tell you much about it, but I will say that Dave Mendoza mention it in his story on me back in November.]

I have interviews with some pretty cool people set up. Hired another new recruiter. I have several clients that are going over quotes.  And with all of that, it just seems that nothing exciting is happening.  I’ve been reading all my favorite blogs [JibberJobber,, The Recruiting Animal, my boy Stevie Levy, B’ling B’ling and more] but somehow I’m not finding anything thought provoking enough to even make even decent comments.  Heck, I’m even picking up my puppy the first weekend of March. Jules birthday is 3 days away. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And my 22nd anniversary is almost only 2 weeks away. So what is the deal?!?!!?

Hey what do you guys do when you have a blue funk going on? How do you get out of it? What is it that gets your blood pumping when nothing else seems to be exciting?

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  1. Carl,
    You’re a passionate person who loves what you do (I am as well). When I lose passion it usually signals I need a change in focus.
    What do you do that helps you recharge or that you love so much it’s enlightening? For me, it’s teaching and/or connecting people and building community.
    I’ve noticed that the less I talk to people in my job the less fulfilled I feel. It’s something that has been on my mind.
    If it’s just one of those days, your discontent will pass. I try not to focus on the things lacking. However, if it’s a nagging lack even in good moods, it probably means it’s time to rearrange things.
    Here’s to figuring it out…let me know when you do!

  2. Carl,

    I know how it feels. In a long job search, there are days when it seems nothing will ever happen, all the leads have dried up and debtors’ prison is just around the corner.

    Three things that help me when I’m feelin’ funky:

    1. Take a day away from my routine. Just blow it off for a day. Take a “so what” attitude, and go blow the carbon out of my cylinders. For me, that often means a day taking photos, but to each his own.

    2. Buy a book that is far away from anything I would normally read and spend the day in a coffee shop, building a huge caffeine buzz and reading the book.

    3. Do one of those chores that have been on the list forever, and bask in the glory of getting it done. (For example, clearing out the corner of the garage that I promised my wife I would tackle some seven months, three weeks and two days ago – not that she’s counting.)

    Bonus idea, borrowed from some pop-psychologist somewhere: As long as I’m working on the right things in the right way, I can usually convince myself that “this too shall pass.” Sometimes I just need to keep slogging along and energy will magically appear.


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