College Student Tries to Sell His Future Earnings on eBay

Another sure sign that college tuition has gotten out of control: 19-year-old Ron Steen of Anaheim Hills, California put a share of his future earnings up for sale on eBay. In August, Steen offered two percent of his future earnings to the highest bidder. The cost? He set the minimum bid at $100,000. Steen, who claimed that he is “a very intelligent guy” despite the spelling errors in his eBay listing, also claimed in the listing that he expects to earn “way more” than $125,000 a year (didn’t we all when we were his age) until he turns 65, at which point his investor would break even on a $100,000 investment. Apparently, Steen hasn’t heard about the compound effect of money as I’m not sure too many investors would be lining up around the block to invest $100,000 or more into something as inherently as unsecured as a 19-year-old’s future earnings capacity and then have to wait 46 just to break even. Steen also apparently didn’t hear about eBay’s prohibition on such postings as eBay removed his posting five days after it went live. So what’s a desperately intelligent 19-year-old college student to do without the ability of selling two percent of his future earnings to someone who has more money in their wallet their brains in their head? What any normal 19-year-old does: he got his dad to fork over the cash. Steen’s dad is helping to pay the tuition at California State University at Fullerton until an investor shows up. If you’ve got more money than brains, Steen can be reached at

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