Podcast MicrophoneMy friend Barbara Ling uncovered an interesting post about “Making Money on the Internet” by Dave Winer. It was actually a podcast where he talks about the next great way to make money on the Internet. At ten minutes long, after a long holiday weekend, Dave admits to a bit of rambling.

I think that Barbara did a much better job on her site of breathing life into the idea than Dave did. The main idea is that knowledge is valuable and viral marketing can get your message out there. Dave says that the thing of value is the intelligence that is captured and input into the “UGC” [user generated content] of Web 2.0 applications… like blogs. Shannon Seery Gude points to a great post about what people believe is the value of blogging (you can read more here, here, and here.) I think that the value is given away for free by most corporate bloggers, in an effort to expose their businesses to customers and to make money in more traditional ways.

What do you think?

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