Talk about transparency… Blogging Moms to Rate McD’s

by The Family // June 20 // 0 Comments

McDonald's golden archesI’m just now getting around to writing a bit about a news story that really caught my eye last week. In an effort to change it’s image as the utopian playground of unhealthy food, McDonald’s has decided to employee a brigade of blogging moms to change people’s opinion of the chain’s operations.

Scheduled to start today (Jun 20th), the effort is in my opinion extremely brave. If these ladies are blogging independent (another article on the project) of McDonald’s input, then their eyewitness accounts should give a unique and unfettered view of behind the scenes ops at one of the world’s largest restaurant companies. While not really a traditional blog (no comments from readers) the site will chronicle the women’s observations in a journaling style.

Personally, I think the idea is brilliant and can’t wait to read what these ladies have to say. If you are interested in following what these ladies have to say, you can keep up with them at

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