Exploring the Candidate Bill of Rights (part-3)

…continuing my running commentary on the ItzBIG Blog series of articles on the Candidate Bill of Rights.

This week’s topic is “Accuracy” as it applies to the posting of jobs on job boards, career centers, newspaper and magazine ads.  I covered the subject of accuracy (or more precisely, lack of accuracy and purposeful vagueness) in jobs posted by recruiters in my article Recruiting Myths – Candidate Resumes.  There I explained for candidates’ benefit, the reasons why many job posts by third party recruiters are not detailed.  It is quite different when you examine the problem of inaccurate job postings by hiring authorities.

The author does a great job of discussing the huge problem that is created when the descriptions posted by hiring authorities have no relation to the real world aspects of the job.  Inaccurate job descriptions and bad postings create a swirling vortex of time wasting posts, applications, responses, correspondence, bad hires and ultimately turnover.  Seems as though companies would have caught on by now, what with exit interviews and such.  Only reason that I can think of that a company would have to put such flowery sales language in their placement ads that it makes them almost out and out lies, is that the company is horrible to work for. 

Accuracy, as listed in the Candidate Bill of Rights, implemented by hiring companies would not only be a huge saver of time, money, resources but also help propel the company to the top of its field by building stronger, better performing teams where team members stay longer. 

Seems funny that one of the precepts in the Candidate Bill of Rights would have benefits for the hiring company that far outweighs those for candidates. It certainly makes sense to implement, let’s just hope that someone is listening.

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