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Carl ChapmanCarl Chapman is the founder and main blogger for “Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter.” Mr. Chapman started this blog to try to help candidates work with recruiters on a more professional level. Having worked successfully in the recruiting industry for more than five years, Mr. Chapman has a very good understanding of what might help improve the relationship between recruiter and job seeker.

The original tag line is a bit long for the theme used in this new blog. As the blog was originally published (on eBlogger) the tag line was

The (almost) daily trials and tribulations of being an executive recruiter…. running a restaurant executive search firm…. and how to survive. There should be some good tips for restaurant management candidates about how to interview and get an offer for your dream restaurant job. Keep in mind, this is from my perspective, as a restaurant recruiter, your perspective may be a little different ;o).

It capsulizes what this blog is all about. Sometimes ramblings, sometimes suggestions, but hopefully always fun.

Carl Chapman founded CEC Search, LLC in July 2005. Carl has 20+ years of food service/restaurant industry experience. Carl is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

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