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executive recruiters, Manager Recruiters, restaurant Manager Recruiters, hospitality jobs, restaurant jobs, restaurant career positions, executive recruiting, restaurant operations recrutiing, restaurant recruiters is the premier destination for incredibly easy and fast application to some of the most desirable restaurant  jobs in the industry. We have developed unique methods of information collection, retrieval, and submission that allow us to provide service to both our client restaurant companies and job seeking restaurant executives and restaurant managers with maximum efficiency.  You will find the best companies and the best positions which will enhance your career, right here.

Client Services
In conjunction with our partner recruiting offices, independent search firms, and professional recruiters we provide the following executive recruitment services (and a WHOLE lot more):

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  • Unit level FastStaff™ searches for fast results.
  • Above store level contingency searches.
  • Above store level engaged searches.
  • Project searches for multiple similar position openings.
  • No cost relocation services.
Client Service Options
There are a number of different contract vehicles which can be used to customize our activities to the exact needs that you have for your organization.  Below are listed the four major types of searches that we do with a explanation of when it is appropriate to use each one.

Retained Search
Our retained search option offers a complete, full-service search with a dedicated project team assigned exclusively to your search until it is completed.  Our replacement guarantee will be for 180 days
All candidates recruited will be exclusively presented to your company.

The payment terms for retained search are:

  • 1/3 due upon signing of the contract
  • 1/3 due upon presentation of the short list of candidates
  • 1/3 due 30 days following presentation of candidates

When should you use the retained search option?

Priority Search
A project team will work with you until the position is filled.
Our replacement guarantee will be for 90 days and all candidates will be offered exclusively to your company for a period of 30 days.

The payment terms for priority search are:

  • 1/3 due upon signing of the contract (100% refundable)
  • 2/3 due upon fulfillment of the search

When should you use the priority search option?

Contingency Search
Your position needs and requirements are entered into our application software and our recruiters are made aware of the position.  During the course of their work, if they come across candidates that are a match, they will submit them. Our replacement guarantee will be 30 days.
The terms and conditions of contingency search are:

  • Full payment due upon successful fulfillment of the search

When should you use the contingency search option?

Project Search
When your needs are for multiple candidates in the same profile, our project search is your guaranteed option. A project team is selected to handle all openings simultaneously, ensuring quality control standards that are unsurpassed as well as timeliness in delivering a number of candidates within your time frame.
Our replacement guarantee is 90 days.

The terms and conditions of project search are based upon the difficulty of the search, the availability of candidates, the time required for the process, and number of positions to be filled.

Printer friendly version of our client services document (PDF file) Printer friendly PDF

Candidate Services
We provide our client companies access to the top talent in the industry - YOU! Every day our team works with hundreds of candidates to help them present their career strengths and achievements in the best possible way. This is done in an environment of mutual trust and respect, at NO COST to the candidate. Our services include:
  • Resume review, critique, and enhancement.

  • Interview preparation and coaching.

  • Salary negotiation assistance.

  • Free relocation tools and coaching.

Post resume here.  Search through our restaurant jobs here.  Get great job seeker tips here.
Our pledge to both clients and candidates is that we will act in the most honest and ethical manner in all our dealings. We will keep all information confidential. No candidate's employer will EVER be contacted by us unless we are specifically given permission to do so. We will protect the foundation of our clients business and help to prevent interruption of the smooth day-to-day transactions by conducting searches in a confidential manner.


Just as you do in the restaurant business, we provide superior service to keep you as a customer for life.